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Shenzhen CBP Technology Co.,Ltd. is a department integrating production, R&D, sales and after-sales service.
Technological production enterprises focus on the design and production of intelligent technology consumer electronics products. The company actively explores,The application of new intelligent technology, combined with “aesthetic feeling”, “innovation”, “avant-garde”, “science and technology” Designing elements, such as design elements, are determined to create new products and deliver unique products for families and their younger generation. Special craft design aesthetic enjoyment. Based on originality, we pay more attention to customer’s humanized experience.

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What is Smalody mean?

Smalody Aim to create high quality sound experience and aesthetic feeling of process design for family and younger generation.Experienced brand products. Every letter of ``SMALODY`` implies the company's brand development philosophy:

Smalody integrates the trend of the development of intelligent technology and hopes to become one of the pioneers to promote the development and change of intelligent/innovative audio products, bringing the strength of science and technology to us.Human well-being is transmitted to every family.

Smalody will creatively apply science and technology and its interdisciplinary technology to the field of sound, so that melody can show more audio-visual experience in the interaction of light and sound.It shows the charm of music to a greater extent.

Smalody advocates art and hopes to design products with aesthetic craftsmanship. So we are committed to blending technology and art so that Smalody’s products can be brought to consumers.An artistic experience rather than a cold/dull one.

The Smalody brand hopes to convey the feeling of “love” through our products and design concepts. Love melody, love music, love life, enjoy the present, convey emotions.

Every era will have a group of pioneers who dare to stand up in the tide. Smalody will become a pioneer and leader in the field of desktop audio subdivision, bringing happiness to users.

Smalody firmly believes that creative design ideas will bring consumers a brand new consumer experience upgrade. Based on the originality of design, it can be created from the starting point of product design.
Intention to ignite, will bring better product experience to consumers.

Smalody firmly believes that only by keeping the whole body young and vigorous, can we have a new design concept, understand the main group of young consumers better, and be more pioneering.Spirit and exploratory spirit can continuously develop products which are deeply loved by young consumers.


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